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Smart lighting

This domain covers the use of the open smart grid platform for smart lighting.


The goal of this domain is to control, monitor and manage (street) lights at scale. It allows streetlight owners to control/manage the (street) lights in an more intelligent way compared to ripple control technology.


This domain consist of Switching schedules, groups, light sensors, manual switching and monitoring of a typical public lighting use-case.

PublicLighting webservices

Operation Request Response
SetTransition DeviceIdentification, TransitionType, Time -
FindAllDevices Page DevicePage
GetStatus DeviceIdentification LightValues, PreferredLinkType, ActualLinkType, LightType, EventNotifications
ResumeSchedule DeviceIdentification, Index, IsImmediate -
SetLight DeviceIdentification, LightValue -
SetSchedule DeviceIdentification, Schedules, Page -