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GetConfigurationObject is a request to retrieve a ConfigurationObject from a device. The configuration object in the electricity meter with the OBIS code 0-1: is used to access the GPRS_operation_mode setting and following flags:

  • discover_on_open_cover
  • discover_on_power_on
  • dynamic_mbus_address
  • P0_enable
  • HLS_3_on_P3_enable
  • HLS_4_on_P3_enable
  • HLS_5_on_P3_enable
  • HLS_3_on_P0_enable
  • HLS_4_on_P0_enable
  • HLS_5_on_P0_enable

See DSMR document chapter 8.3 for detailed description. The request needs the DeviceIdentification.

All requests have similar response behavior which is described in ResponseMessages.


XSD: sm-configuration.xsd

WSDL: SmartMeteringConfiguration.wsdl