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DLMS adapter configuration

A specific protocol adapter can be used for a specific protocol The protocol-adapter that will be used by the device, is configured in the protocol_info field of the device. The following steps are required to configure and use a specific protocol-adapter:

  1. Create a protocol-adapter that listens to a specific queue
  2. Add a protocol-info record that uses this queue for the requests
  3. Configure the device in osgp-core, so that it will use this new protocol-info

1. osgp-protocol-adapter-dlms

Configure the name of the JMS queue on which the protocol adpater will listen for requests.


2. osgp-core

Protocol Info table

By using a different outgoing_requests_property_prefix value, osgp-core can use a separate JMS queue for the requests.

Column Example value Description
id 1 Auto generated ID
protocol SMR_CDMA Identifier of the configuration
protocol_version 5.1 Version identifier of the configuration
incoming_requests_property_prefix jms.protocol.dlms.incoming.requests Property prefix of the JMS queue for incoming requests
outgoing_requests_property_prefix jms.protocol.dlms.outgoing.cdma.requests Property prefix of the JMS queue for outgoing requests
incoming_responses_property_prefix jms.protocol.dlms.incoming.responses Property prefix of the JMS queue for incoming responses
outgoing_responses_property_prefix jms.protocol.dlms.outgoing.cdma.responses Property prefix of the JMS queue for outgoing responses

The property with the prefix specified in the protocol-info table must be configured in the file The value is the name of the JMS queue. This is the same name as the name of the JMS queue specified in the osgp-protocol-adapter-dlms


3. Connecting the device to the protocol-info

A device can be configured to use the specific protocol adapter, by pointing it to the new protocol_info record

Column Example value Description
device_identification E0049007469584219 Identification of the device
protocol_info_id 1 Reference to id in Protocol Info table